Webb Builders - They wanted thier presentation book put on the web, so we did just that. With a little intro provided by Webb Builders, Creative Media Innovations made their book in Flash 5. This demo ended up saving them a great deal of money by handing out this demo to potential clients on business card CDs. To view the Webb Builders Demo Click Here.

Kipps PTA - The PTA needed a good way to get information out to people quickly through a central location. The site can be updated real-time through secure manager pages. There is no need to modify pages and then upload them to the server. They simply change the text and the site is updated. The PTA also takes thier monthly newsletter and sends it out to subscribed members through email. To view the site Click Here.

Masterplan Inc - To view the site Click Here.

Sports Photography Samples - Click Here.

More samples coming soon!
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